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I have many options for personalize your items.
In this post you will see them all, and I will keep it updated everytime I add a new font, design or number sets.
Swanky script numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.
Gothic uppercase letters.
And here you can see all my design stamps.

Baby feet

Sleeping Cat




Music Notes
I am always looking to add new stamps, if there is something you would love to have as an option but you don't see it here, just leave me a comment or contact me.

I hope this helps!
If you have more questions, feel free to email me at or message me on Etsy:
I'm looking forward to helping you find a personalized item that's absolutely perfect.

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Handstamped jewelry, personalized name necklaces, hand stamped gifts, gifts for men, and wedding jewelry

✤✤✤ Frequently Asked Questions from RobertaValle Customers ✤✤✤

✫ Can I change the standard saying on my item?Yes, as long as it fits. If the saying you select is too long, I'll contact you.

✫ Can you actually play with these guitar picks? Yes, you can.They are thicker than a normal guitar pick, just like an electric guitar pick, and you can play with them.

✫ Can you actually fish with these lures? Yes, you can.A lot of customers choose not to as they don’t want to lose them while fishing, but you can definitely fish with them.

✫ How do I personalize? Add the item to your cart.Put the name, date, birthmonth, crystal color, etc... in the Note to RobertaValleIf you have any question, contact me, I'll be happy to help.

✫ How do I order multiple necklaces (or bracelets or any other item)? Add one to your cart, then change the quantity to what you would like.If you need more than how many are listed, please contact me for a custom order (and save on shipping!)

✫ Can I order a large number of objects to be used for example as party favors or gifts for the guests? Yes, just contact me.

✫ Can I purchase an item to be sent directly as a gift to a friend? Of course! I can send the item in a gift package and write a personalized note on demand. If the person that will receive the gift lives in a different country than yours, please select the correct country during the checkout and double-check to be sure the address is correct.

✫ When will my order ship? Unless I've stated a different shipping time in the listing (usually only during the holidays), I ship out in just 2-5 days! Yes, that includes all personalization.

✫ How can I be sure that I'll receive an item that I want to give as a gift on time for a particular occasion? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee and shipping times are extimates only. I do my best to ship as fast as possible, but once it leaves my hand, it depends on the post office only. If an item doesn't arrive on time for a specific occasion, I can help you with the PHOTO-OPTION. I can send you a picture of the item via conversation or email, with if you want also some nice lettering saying "Your gift is almost here". You can print it at home, wrap it nicely, and give it to your friend on that special day, so you won't be empty handed while your package is travelling across the world. Then, when the package arrives, you can finally give it to the person. If you want a picture of your customized product, remember to ask it before shipment. Otherwise I can only send you a photo of the standard version of the item.

✫ Can you stamp on the back of the discs? No, sorry, I can't stamp on the back of most of my discs. I can stamp on the back of a few items, like dog tag, if it is written in the description. We could probably add another disc, though, from my add-on section: me if you need help.

✫ Can I add on another disc or crystal? Yes, you probably can; check first in the item description to be sure it doesn't mention add-ons. I usually put the corresponding add-on in the description. If not, check here for all my add-ons: or contact me if you need something else, like a charm.

✫ What necklace lengths do you suggest? 14 inches for age 4 and under;16 inches for age 5-18;18 inches is the most popular size for women.

✫ What bracelet lengths do you suggest? 5 inches - baby to 18 months;6 inches - child age 2-7;adults:extra extra small: 6.25 inches (15.9 cm)extra small: 6.50 inches (16.5 cm)small: 6.75 inches (17,1 cm)medium : 7.25 inches STANDARD SIZE (18.4 cm)large: 7.75 inches (19.7 cm)extra large : 8.25 inches (21 cm)extra extra large: 8.50 inches (21.6 cm)

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I hope this helps!
If you have more questions, feel free to email me at or message me on Etsy:
I'm looking forward to helping you find a personalized item that's absolutely perfect.

Thank you so much ~ Happy (Handmade) Shopping

All the Very Best
set of two necklaces